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Ice Shinigami
Whatever, Life's Complicated Either Way
Love Takes Time (ch. 6- partly) 
6th-Dec-2012 12:35 am

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who...otherwise...there would've been more Classic companion appearances...Ace McShane!

Chapter 6

The Doctor circled the TARDIS console, in his hands was a sonic screwdriver. Not his normal one with the blue light, this one was a

bit bulkier and had a purple light at the tip. His beloved ship was floating in the Time Vortex waiting for Martha to get dressed.

He was just a bit annoyed that Martha would abandon much needed sleep to answer UNIT's call.

Yet, it was so Martha Jones.

Duty first.

Her emotions/thoughts/needs second.

The Time Lord's expression was serious as he thought about the woman aboard his ship. He wanted to help her escape that mentality, even if just for a bit. Except, he was probably the worst possible candidate for that, wasn't he?

Martha's few emotional times, he had brushed off the first time around.

When he rescued her (effectively killing her clone), he halfheartedly tried to reassure her (no time for proper hugs with the world in

After Jenny's death...he had connected with Donna more. Martha had taken it in stride and hadn't been offended by it.

Nothing in the universe is ever as simple as it should be.” He reminded himself. Emotions, something he expressed in this body excessively. Yet, he felt more emotionally handicap than any previous incarnations. Running his fingers over the bulky silver colored sonic
screwdriver, he stashed it in his brown pinstripe trouser pockets. It wasn't time to give that to Martha Jones.

Not just yet.


“Mum! It's too early...” Tish started to complain as she answered her phone. The older Jones girl leaned against her desk, a computer in front of her booting up. Tish sat in her office, a cup of coffee in hand.

Francine Jones wasn't bothered, “Leticia turn on the news.”

Martha left the kitchen aboard the TARDIS. She was dressed in black trousers, black ankle boots, a white blouse underneath a gray sweater. Underneath her arms was a coat she found on board and in her hands were two cups. One: a mug of coffee, the other a cup of tea. Her hair was pulled back into a half-bun with a few strands falling loosely around her face.

The woman entered the console room. Sitting in his brown pinstripe suit was the Doctor, he appeared thoughtful. She bit back a smile when he hopped up and met her half way. She remembered biting back a smile not long after the Saxon mess, him popping up and rambling about meeting Agatha Christie. “Thank you Martha Jones.”

“It's no trouble Doctor.” Martha replied after handing him the cup of tea she had prepared. “Thank you for the ride to Cardiff.”

The Doctor smiled, it didn't meet his eyes Martha noted. Though, his smiles rarely did. “Yes, well...refueling the TARDIS and checking on Jack seems like a great idea. Besides, having you take the tube at that time in New York? Are you mad?” His facial expression was incredulous. “Francine would kill me.”

Martha shook her head. Her mother would not. At least not unless the alien offered himself up to the matriarch. “I'm sure Tish would have kept you safe if I couldn't.” His eyebrow cocked at that as he placed one hand on the surface of the console and leaned on it. “And, I would have gotten a cabbie at that time of night.”

“Course, cause I trust them with your safety as well.”

Martha cocked an eyebrow, “Since when have I needed you to protect me?”Rolling her eyes and sighing, Martha moved around the alien to sit in the Captain's seat. “Whenever you're ready to land the old girl.”

The Doctor stared at the spot Martha had been, letting her words sink in. When had Martha really needed him to protect her? She had always stood on her own around him. They could split up and Martha could get captured, by the time he knew about it she was already free (or patiently waiting for him to show up and free her). Or it was after the fact, usually it was after the fact.

He hoped whatever was happening in Cardiff was big enough to distract him.

Otherwise, he'd help UNIT and drag the immortal Captain away for a good talking.

Over 900 years and he still knew nothing about human women.

Tish felt both her eyebrows raise as she looked at the news. In Cardiff there had been a huge explosion. That wasn't that unusual (if you ignored the fact it happened in Cardiff).

It was the footage of a ship half-underground near the Millennium Center that was shocking. The fountain that usually sat not far from it was smashed to pieces. Tish wondered if was an alien related thing.

Of course, when the camera panned UNIT members were visible. Along with...Jack Harkness?

No wonder her mother had rung her up. Jack was practically family [a bit self-imposed estranged] after the Saxon mess.

Several UNIT members approached the media and Tish watched as the live coverage ended rather hastily. “Mum?” The elder Jones girl questioned quietly in her phone. “What was that?”

“Something, either crashed or came up from the ground, and destroyed the area like that.” Francine hastily explained. “Have you heard from your sister?”

Tish looked down at her black work trousers and frowned as she hooked her ankles. “I spoke to her a few nights ago.”

Francine's frown could be heard through the phone, “She is coming home for Christmas, isn't she? And that was UNIT, do you think they'll ring her up?”

“Of course she's coming home for Christmas.” Tish replied as she typed in her password into the computer. And she had better come with a certain alien. “As for that, I don't know. Depends on if they need to call her. I mean she's stateside. Why would they call her?”

She's the best they have.” Francine retorted. No matter the woman's position on her youngest daughter's occupation, she knew Martha was the best. Martha helped defend Earth against the Daleks. She walked the planet on her own two feet for a year. No, Francine Jones hated most aliens with a passion, but she knew her daughter was always there to defend them. She just hoped, she never had to bury her daughter early.

She might kill a certain Doctor if that happened.

Tish didn't stop herself from smirking. That was definitely a statement she agreed with, her sister was the best.


Jack was talking with an older looking man, Colonel Mace, when an unearthly sound filled the air. A grin crossed the immortal man's face. “Looks like we're getting a visitor.”

What is that?” Colonel Mace questioned the Leader of Torchwood Three. The other members of UNIT had paused in their work to turn and stare as a blue box materialized, not far from the Millennium Center. When the box fully appeared several of the lower ranking members placed hands on their weapons.

Jack noticed and shook his head, “I'd call them off. The Doc doesn't like guns.”

Colonel Mace had observed as much from his limited time with the Doctor. “Stand down.” He order through his walkie talkie. The Colonel
also, only knew of one person capable of completing 'Operation: Blue Sky.'

The door opened and an upper body creeped out first. Jack's grin could only get wider when he recognized the spiky brown hair. The Time Lord sent Jack a grin when he caught sight of the man. His eyes went wide when he saw the damage to Torchwood's hub (and the smashed marble laying around). Of course, the Time Lord was pushed out of the way by his temporary companion. “Honestly Doctor, did you want to be part of the door?”

Really Martha Jones! I was going to move!” He retorted. “But, did you see that?”

Jack and Colonel Mace approached the pair standing outside of the blue box. “How the bloody hell did someone manage that?” Martha questioned in shock.

By forcing their way through the rift and dragging some poor sap with them.” Jack explained easily enough.


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